Happy New Year 2014!!! / Party


Happy New Year 2014!!!

I hope you had an awesome celebration last night :) Tired? Hangover from last nights wodka and sparkling wine? well, that means it was a worth night. 
Let`s get started: I had the pleasure to go to a polish New Year`s Eve celebration with delicious food, great live band and - most important awesome company!!! 

It was my first time at this party and I can just say - I had sooo much fun! From all kind of food which is at the same time an eye candy and tasting amazingly, to cool fresh music playing by the live band and one must emphasize- polish people know how to have much fun! I experienced already at my highschool prom a little dissappointment that in germany you are not willing to dance rather sit and talk for hours, whereas at polish celebrations like yesterday the dancefloor was crowded already  before midnight! Let it be slow romantic cuddling dancing up to fast, energetic rhythms shaking your body and dancing until your feet hurt. 

here you can see my whole outfit from last night

he had no attention to imitate Clooney in here-
 it just came spontaneously when I said "Smile, baby" ;)


look at this rooster made out of different fruits like ananas and mango,
at this well-carved watermelon with "Sylwester 2013" 
and this cute snowman consisting of raffaello balls- 
so much creativity and passion in this food! ;)

fish, carrots in jelly decorated with a lemon on the top 

polish sausages hanging on a stick 

mozzarella with tomatoes and basilicum/ lunchmeat 

a peacock made out of a banana, 
mandarines, grapes, and melon

the live-band enriching the event with polish songs, but also with 
young, fresh music
- believe it or not: they even played Gangnam Style!!! :D 

flower radishes 

meat/ carrot ribbon 

carrot flowers-
actually reminding me of those playmobile flowers ;)
very cute!

my favourite: the healthy juicy rooster!

this event started at 8 p.m. 

polish celebration-
wodka can`t be missing!!! ;)

this one is actually a very tasty one-
wodka with honey

at 10 p.m. hot dishes were served-
very delicious chicken with potatoes and beetroot

later even more wodka was flowing ;) 

I`never drunk that many wodka shots in my life- but still am alright, just tired of last nights party which lasted for me until 5 a.m. 
Don`t forget: What you do today, you will do for the whole year. So in my case it would be sleeping, cuddling, sobering, writing on my blog and studying - I can live with that! 

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