Castle Phillippsruhe - Hanau/ Frankfurt


I have been to Hanau now for the very first time, visiting and celebrating New Year`s Eve here with my boyfriend right in the birth city of the Brothers Grimm. As I heard there is a precious castle
called Phillippsruhe, I was very eager to take a walk through its beautiful chambers and when finally sunshine came out- there was also some great time for fooling around in its garden :)

we already thought the sun won`t shine today... BUT as you can see, we were lucky 

Here comes now the fooling around part

"How you like my moustache now?"


Bears, bears, bears ;)

a very girly chamber coming up 

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  1. Das Schloss ist sooo schön. Ich liebe es, im Urlaub Schlösser und so schöne Parks zu besuchen. Das ist richtig entspannend. Sehr schön ist es auch im Brenners Park Hotel.
    Lg, Dani