Zupa: Wroclaw`s first homemade soup place


Wroclaw stands out with its vivid scene surpising its inhabitants and numerous tourists with its ever-changing flair. While being on a search for new culinary enlightenments, one can succeed in the quirky area around Szewska street nearby the neversleeping Rynek. On the junction of Szewska and Kotlarska, passing by a kiosk right within the bright yellow building, well- hidden in a small corner, houses the new place called Zupa lurking the Wroclawians  with delightful, selfmade soups. Will this offbeat venue have a chance of survival within competetive Rockburger, classy Giselle and sophisticated Corso Restaurant? 

Zupa represents the first place of its kind in Wroclaw offering a variety of soup combinations. Take for example the basic tomatoe soup or a more sophisticated distinction with pumpkin, coconut milk and pineapple each served from small size up to XL filled in a bucket of half a litre. To be honest a small soup for only 6zl rounds up a perfect choice. 

While being very small and most of the time overfilled making it a tough time to enjoy your fresh meal, I would rather recommend take-away. Its interior varies in color decorated with flowers, while endearing illustrations of onions and potatoes greet the clients from the striking yellow walls. 

To every dish one can chose between homemade croutons, parmesan, herbes, olive oil or paprica  for refining the taste. Zupa  accomplishes a feat by mixing everyday  ingredients creating with a skilful know-how tasty food thrilling their customers with such a simple nourishment. 

As John Illhan already said: "This may seem simple, but you need to give customers what they want, not what you think they want. And, if you do this, people will keep coming back."

"Soup is good for everything!" says Mr Onion 

To sum up, living in a busy and hectic everyday life, Zupa provides you quickly with flavourful  soups avoiding monotomy with their everchanging mouthwatering menu. With its lovely decor, Zupa wins the hearts of its customers not only by visiual perception, reasonable prices, and a wide variety of options, but also creating an indulging experience for your taste buds. 
It is definetely worth a try, and a convenient alternative in your next lunchbreak!

What do you think about "Zupa"? Have you tried their delicious soups yet?

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