Best Of 2013!!! in pictures


Lisbon, Portugal for Easter holidays :) 

Krakau, May :)

Berlin, Germany during summer holidays 

Berlin, Madame Tussauds -
meeting Nicole Kidman

having a therapeutic meeting with Freud 

dancing together with german comedian Hape Kerkeling 

playing around together with The Beatles 

Portimao, Portugal (soon upcoming) 

Barcelona, Spain 

at a friend`s birthday party back in Wroclaw, Poland 

Fotoshooting back in Wroclaw (Upcoming)

Halloween 2013 at Sombrero Club, Wroclaw 

Prague, Czech Republic 

December ,13th -
Diploma time - Wroclaw 

Graduation Dinner at Monopol 

Birthday- Wroclaw 

New Year`s Eve - Hanau/Frankfurt

Hanau/Frankfurt, Germany 

We shall see what the new year will bring us :)
For sure: Lodz, Budapest, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Kopenhagen, Rome 

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  1. These photos are so stunning, i love the chip and coffee! I got my mouth watered! :)