Cocofli - where literature meets coffee


Wroclaw has various coffee places to offer, bringing up a huge competition to attract its visitors.
As I was walking around the Jewish district, opposite of Bulka z maslem and next to Mleczarnia, I 
passed by this art cafe with at first glance having a quite strange name. 

At a closer look one can recognize that it is a hidden acronym standing for coexistance, cooperation, friendship, love and identity. It doesn't go without notice that a huge bookshelf is covering the walls presenting the customer a various selection of comics, crime stories and children`s books to take a deep swim into polish culture. Cocofli offers different variations of coffe, wine and very tasty cakes and quiche.

This thursday, you have the opportunity to participate on their event "Coffe Cupping- Professional coffe tasting" which sounds amazing to my love I am sharing with this kind of drink. Questions like "How to identify good- quality coffe from flimsy one?", "How not to be fooled while buying coffe?" and many others will be answered on this day of professional coffe tasting. You will learn how to produce high-quality coffee, what are their characteristics and why you drink it black. And most importantly, you will try and within professional atmosphere by sniffing and slurping ( yes, yes , the basic function of coffe tasting ! ) learn to recognize them. Coffees which you can taste on this day will be from Ethiopia , Brazil , El Salvador , Mexico and Guatemala. In the world of coffee aromas and flavors will bring you Blazej Walczykiewicz, a certified judge of the Polish section of SCAE ( Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) and experienced coffe taster. 

Admission to the coffee cupping is FREE
Reservations can be done under number 71 756 99 90
address: Włodkowica street 9, Wroclaw 

My choice fell on quiche which was fresh, well-seasoned, and soft. (price: 10zl)

I couldn`t resist Cocofli`s sweet dishes, so I choose this tasty almond cake with orange and cranberries and I can ensure you: It definetely looks as good as it tastes! (price: 10zl)

My boyfriend took cake di Siena- chocolate pieces with almond and ginger. If you take a bite of it, christmas feelings will come up again! A must-try! (price: 13zl)

Not far away going through the tunnel you will reach the synagoge

Hope you enjoyed the review and mybe see you at Cocofli! 

                                                            Thanks for reading!
                                                                  - CK

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