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Lilou presents a collection of  a wide range of accessoires specializing on jewellery and bags which can be bought either ready made or more unique in a personalized form.

"It is designed for people who enjoy life, who play with trends and express themselves through fashion.

Lilou jewelry and accessories are created especially for You, for Him and for your Children.
Lilou makes your dearest moments stay forever.
Lilou pieces are talismans of happiness, love, friendship, they are charms holding your sweetest memories.
100% of beautiful emotions…
… of Your very personal emotions
This is the company I created.
This is Lilou."
                                                                   - Magdalena Mousson-Lestang

I was passing by the small shop "Lilou" every day when I was on my way to the Medical University of Wroclaw all the time glaring at those beautiful shiny and cute pendants in their shop window. 
After my breakup, my mom had this great idea to create one very special Lilou for me: A cloverleaf engraved with my nickname connected on cream beige and brown strings for giving me the strentgh and hope for a bright new start. And well, I can add it sure gave me big luck because now I am happily together with my boyfriend since almost a year. This braclets can be sweet gifts, let it be for your friends, sister,your girlfriend or your mom - every piece is unique by its personalization and its huge variety of different pendant, colours of strings and different types of bracelets - every element will put a smile on your face!
Besides bracelets one can select also different collections of rings, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks and also bags. 
On my birthday after all the sightseeing tours and variatiouns of cultural amusement, my stomach was finally growling for food so we went to Brasser27 here in Wroclaw. After such delightful onion soup and a great main dish (duck breast with truffle risotto and pear aside), we ordered a heavenly-tasting brownie with vanilla ice cream reaching almost the climax of the evening. So how can you top that? To make this romantic dinner now perfect my boyfriend surprised me with yet another gift- what you can already might guess- it was a Lilou bracelet with special lovely engravings.
It seems that even the polish celebraties are also enchanted by Lilous creations proudly wearing their new pieces on the red carpet or in private times.

Ola Kwaśniewska wearing to her casual style a necklace by Lilou. Price around 200 złotych

                                                           Doda- Dorota Rabczewska

Anna Samusionek  joined into the cycle of Be My Lilou- bags -lovers. The actress is showing here on one of her conferences her elegant powder style completed with graphite bag Be My Lilou (around 1,500 zloty).

Ola Kwaśniewska decided to choose the earrings from the collection Les Trésors de Lilou. Those universal earrings fit to any style: Let it be casual or elegant, it gives you the perfect completion to every outfit. The price of this treasure is around 189 złoty.

Malgorzata Kozuchowska, an fashion icon since many years, presenting here her Lilou blue leather bracelet together with a golden heart (price: around 168 zloty).

          My very first Lilou from my mom: two thick strings (beige/brown) with gold plated cloverleaf pendant

And here my second one from my boyfriend: many thick strings of dark brown, carmel and safran colour with gold-plated 2cm bear.

Lilou bracelet for my mom: two thick strings brown and carmel with a gold-plated Mapleleaf. My choice fell on a leaf as a pendant because my mom loves autumn being her favourite, most colourful season of each year.

My friend also got one: two thick strings green and safran in colour plus gold.plated cloverleaf pendant.

Did you get now the will to make a special person a great present or buy one beautiful Lilou piece for yourself? Then you have either the chance to look over the collections in one of their many shops in Poland or France as listed below or easier visit their website Lilou online

  • WROCŁAW, ul. Wita Stwosza 18
  • LUBLIN, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 10
  • WARSZAWA, ul. Francuska 27 and ul. Mokotowska 63
  • SZCZECIN, ul. Obrońców Stalingradu 4a
  • BYDGOSZCZ, ul. Gdańska 14
  • ŁODZ, ul. Piotrkowska 18
  • POZNAN, ul. Wrocławska 21
  • GDAŃSK, ul. Ogarna 126/127
  • KRAKOW, ul. Św.Tomasza 27
  • KATOWICE, ul. Dworcowa 15
  • PARIS, 145,Boulevard Saint-Germain

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  2. That first Lilou from your mom looks adorable! I'd like to think that she loves to shop for jewelry as well, as most girls are. Jewelries are always a great idea for gifts, particularly if they’re this well-made. Thanks for sharing!

    Dexter Reynolds @

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