Brasserie27 - Birthday dinner


Right in this artistic restaurant called "Brasserie27" in Wroclaw in Europeum Hotel, I decided to celebrate together with a bunch of friends my birthday. Between cozy, warm athmosphere, artistic interior held in beige-brown colours, kind waitresses and delicious food, my guests and me had a great timehere - it literally flew away!

Address: ul.Kazimierza Wielkiego 27a 

those circles are, if you take a closer look, 
slices of green, brown bottles - very artistic! 

wine lounge/ bar 

great lamps made out of straw 

soon about 18 friends will sit, chat, 
enjoy their meal here with me 

"Where`s the food???" 

"oooh, what do I see here?" 

We were around 18 people-
To bridge the time, we got those small tasty 
snacks on the house :)

For starter: A MUST-TRY!!!
Onion soup
with Parmesan toasts 

My choice for main dish:
 Herb-marinated pork tenderloin 
with porcini mushroom & goat's cheese risotto and plums 
marinated in red wine - HIT! 
- juicy meat, risotto with goat`s cheese as 
taste fireworks and those plums ...!!!

My boyfriend went again for a duck:
Roasted duck breast 
with a celery & roasted pepper ragù, roasted garlic & thyme 
beetroot and roasted new potatoes and a cranberry sauce 

 Warm duck salad 
with slices of lavender & saffron-infused pear, lamb’s lettuce, 
rucola, dill, mint, cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers 
 and a balsamic dressing

here comes the small version of Greek salad 
with feta cheese, black olives, red onions, tomatoes, 
 cucumber, slices of roasted peppers and herbs 

Warm French goat’s cheese salad 
with rucola, lamb’s lettuce, grapes, walnuts, 
slices of roasted peppers and cherry tomatoes

Classic beef burger (200g) 
prime beef with crispy bacon, potato wedges, 
onion rings and a mixed salad 

As you can see the food is an eyecandy, and a culinary delight at the same time!
Perfect and spacy for big birthday celebrations, as well as for lunch and business meals.
It was a pleasure to eat here, the interior is my taste and I would like to eat here again. 

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