2013 reflection/ New Year`s resolutions / My Outfit


Every year the same thing - what can I do better for the next year? It already has been so good during 2013: From hardcore studying in my last months of being a dentist student, passing all final exams and finally got
my diploma in december in Aula Leopoldina in Wroclaw, to coming to the part concerning my personal life: Am happily together with my boyfriend since May this year and since then we had an awesome travel time: Starting from Krakow, Berlin, to Barcelona and Prague. There was absolutely no stress, he`s  the perfect companion during journeys and accepts many proposes where I would like to go and leads me to them ;) Since October I am passionately writing my blog, inspired by Juliett Kuczynska vel "Maffashion" every time being excited about her new look. My family always loved to travel  but what do you seriously remember from those trips? "Yes, dear you have been to Venice"- well, ok then, I remember a huge plaza where I got lost while chasing pidgeons and in the middle of nowhere a german granny came and asked where my parents were. So see it this way- this blog is some kind of travel diary for me where I have been. And since my birthday, I will fill it with professional photos thanks to my new Canon700D.

2013 is nearly over- Soon we will welcome the year 2014.
What are your New Year`s resolutions? I will share mine here with you:

1) Concerning my education, I want to pass the statesexam and afterwards do my 13-months of practice
2) Concerning my private life: Let it last long and let us be happy and enjoy every single moment      while being together :)
3) Concerning my blog: In my freetime, I will write for my blog and also, after I passed my statesexam I will be more free and will try to write for my favourite german magazine called "Couch"- a fashion & design magazine.
4) Travel a lot with your parents, boyfriend, and friends- Budapest, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Rome, London, Hamburg
5) Be happy, believe in yourself! Do whatever makes you happy and therefore you will infect others with your smile!
6) more sport!!! with Eva Choradowska ;)
7) Get more followers for my blog 
8) Cultivate contacts
9) Go to the Black keys concert in rome; See  Florence+The Machine live, go to a festival 
10) Take copious photographs and enrich my blog with them :)

                                           Let me present you my outfit for New Year`s Eve!

dress: H&M
Black Boa from mom ;) 
as well as the black-golden sparkling tights 

Accessoires:  Swarovski bracelets beige & black, 
long sparkling earrings from Bijou Brigitte

golden Clutch: Bijou Brigitte

Make-up: Smokey eyes eye-shadow pallette by Sephora/ 
       special two-sided brush for smokey eyes 

new black ankle boots by Paul Green 

And that`s how it will look like tonight!!!
small sneak-peak:

Well, since the world never ended and we're all still here, it's about time we started thinking about how to bring in the New Year. 

1) Girls & Boys- Blur 
2) Always on my mind - Pet shop boys
3) Soleil- Roosevelt
4) Can`t hurry love- Supremes 
5) The New Year - Death Cab For Cutie 
6) Sunshine Reggae - Laid Back 
7) Happy (Despicable Me 2) 
8) Auld Lang Syne (Live at Fillmore East) - Jimi Hendrix
9) One more time - Daft Punk 
10) Beam Me Up - Cazzette 

I wish you already a happy new year, party hard and let us welcome the year 2014 full of joy, success, love and travel :)

I will party at a polish celebration in a huge hall organized by my boyfriends family- well that means a lot of wodka! ;) New pics in new year :)

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  1. Great outfit Caroline! :)) Now I feel like showing you mine ...;-P
    A great 2014 to you too and hope you can keep up all those NY-resolutions -!!

    btw, excellent song-list!