Bułka z Masłem- best beer garden in town


As I was walking around close to the synagoge on one hot summer day, crossing the street, I found by accident this casual and trendy place called "Bulka z maslem"- a coffe place during the day, while being an alternative scene with delicious cocktails during the night.
Its being said to be Wroclaw`s best beer garden during warm days, where you can enjoy your beer or cold drinks inbetween high-grown plants of bittersweet scent and a white huge cage right in the middle of that paradisic scenario. 
The simple menu offers affordable food: all day breakfast, burgers and tripple-decker sandwiches served on their own bread, plus a list of classic cocktails and delicious shakes served in classic milk and jam jars. My dish i ate here the first time was salad with goat cheese - defintetely the right choice! 
It has a cozy interior decorated with white tiles on the walls and upstairs begins the nightlife where indie fans are dancing to the beats dropped by DJ`s on the weekends and don`t miss out some amazing concerts (read more below). Within short time Bulka z maslem achieved a huge fan base, climbing up high the must-do list in Wroclaw. 

Where? Wlodkowica 8a, 50-072 Wroclaw 




Follow them on facebook ---> Bulka z maslem

Stay tuned for their latest news and maybe you will catch up some great bands like this polish one "Fair Weather Friends" who amazingly rocked! The ground was shaking from their sounds and it was a pure 3h dancing of the whole enthusiasted audience. Keep up the great music! 


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  1. Definitely need to drop in there once I visit Wroclaw again! Hopefully soon!!! ;)

  2. You should definetely, Zuza! It`s perfect for enjoying a beer in their famous beer garden during spring / summer time ;)

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