City Museum of Wroclaw


So as promised I got the chance to visit three art galleries on my birthday in Wroclaw: Here comes now my documentation of the biggest, posh one- the City Museum of Wroclaw.

its entrance hall

well thats quite a funny thing reminding me of Wii ;)

Right through the left door you may enter this chamber of horros-
The drawing theater from Franciszek Starowieyski

The next chamber represents its goods from the middle ages

Townhall of Wroclaw

look at this ceiling *-*

Entering the royal chambers 

the Green chamber

The red chamber

Very nice blue-white tiles reminding me 
of my stay a few months back in Portugal :)

The following pieces contain a lot of nuditity ;)

The Collection of Wroclaw Art from 1850 to 1945
Wroclaw art from 1850 to 1945 is shown in the front area of the Art Gallery at the City Museum of Wroclaw. The collection includes artwork by Silesin artists, who mostly studied at art schools in Wroclaw and/or, for a period of time, lived and worked in Wroclaw. The Royal Art School is considered as the most important art school in Wroclaw. It was established in 1791 and closed in 1932. In 1911, it was restructured and became the State Art and Crafts Academy. The Urban School of Crafts and Artistic Industry was established in 1900 and it stayed open till 1945. From 1879, there was also the Landscape Painting and Sculpting Master Workshop that was connected with the Silesian Museum of Fine Arts. At the turn of the 19th century, there were established several private art schools in Wroclaw. 

this costume is the original of farmers cantata I`ve seen ages ago 
here in Wroclaw  

And here comes the special Photography part- the whole reason we came here 
and as cherry on the top ;)

woman in polka-dot dress looking over Odra

"Wakacje!" - "Holidays!"




there was another photo of students living in a kind 
of "jubilatka"- the first thing my boyfriend asks is: "Where`s the wodka?" 
well, different times, baby ;)

University in Wroclaw

those are the columns form 
the art gallery on Wita Stwosza

Townhall of Wroclaw 

Yes, there was an oil station right within Rynek!!!

Renoma buidling within the old days

Enough of the art!
Get some fresh air within its beautiful
meusem garden 

You got hungry? Thirsty?
Then go to its cafe downstairs

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