Birthday part 2/ Premiere with Canon 700D


Driving home for Christmas :)
So when I came back home to Germany, I got this little fellow- a Canon 700D for my bday.
Look at those strong, magnificiant colours!


oh, and Bruce came to say "Hi" :)

all in xmas mood

Around 6 p.m. we started with dinner all made by master chief mom.
What she cooks and how she presents the food- just look for yourself!
In my opinion she can really work in a 5star restaurant ;)

For starter:
mixed salade with "Polgesek" (polish tradition: slices of goose breast)
and aceto balsamico

For main dish:
roast beef with aceto balsamico, cucumber turret stuffed with fresh ruccola,
jasmin rice and cranberries

and for dessert...

(on the right side you may see the unpacked special italian cake)

poppy-seed cake, ginger cookies

lovely parents <3
Thanx for such a great birthday dinner :)

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  1. Can feel christmas right out of these pictures! Very Pretty!! :)

  2. Yes, it was a very lovely day thanks to my parents :) and mom as usual enchanted us with mouthwatering food ^^ aahhh, nothing is better than mommys food!