Wroclaw Contemporary Museum


It was actually the first time I`ve been there, but for sure not the last one! As an art lover, I truely had fun to look over the masterpieces in that building looking like a bunker. So where you can find that Contemporary Museum? When you take the tram for example 33+ heading to Magnolia Park right near the locomotive sculpture on pl. Strzegomski 2a.

On its first floor czech art was presented

"Who is afraid of smth, does not sing"

"Who knows, then you don`t ask" ;)

the next exhibition was everything about stages of sleep- let it be beds, flying objects, geometric forms, sleeping positions or weird creatures with trunks.

here it was actually interesting to listen to a phsychiatrist speaking to an autistic child trying to make her associations concerning a geometric  figure and a story.

on the next floor, one could find many diverse stuff- 
let me begin from very detailed black&white drawings

to science-ficion inspired pieces

to funny illustrations of male genitalia made by a young polish artist

whole ending up into lamas ;)

Got hungry after those 4 floors full of modern art?
Go up to its cafe and enjoy the perfect view over whole Wroclaw!

Forget Starbucks overprized brownies! 
Here you get a delicious one for only 4zl instead of Starbucks 12zl.

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