Christmas Eve -polish tradition


starting with an "Oplatek", a host
 - every family member takes one and 
then one by one gives some wishes to each other 

for starter: 
"Barszczyk z uszkami"
- beetroot soup with "uszka" stuffed with wild mushrooms-

pierogi with mushrooms decorated with red beeries

and that`s how it looks like when it`s being served

herring in cream and red berries

Zander in pastry made with beer/ 
beetroot with aceto balsamico /
young potatoes with dill

fresh corn salad 
with special vinigrette and cranberries 

for dessert:
"kutja" with physalis /
poppy-seed cake 

"Would you like another cup of tea, my dear?"-
mom asks kindly.

Twinings lemon tea sweetend with "miod lipowy"


"Have you been a good girl this year?" 
- well, look for yourself ;) 

"Shining bright like a diamond"- Swarovski bracelets

Ready to party! 

for improving my cooking skills- 
"Alfons Schuhbeck- Meine Küchengeheimnisse" 

two Armani scarfs/
black bag by Mango ---ready for Capitol in Wroclaw :)

Enjoy Christmas!!!

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