Stalbet Cafe & Pub - where the wild things are


During the day, Stalbet Cafe & Pub is the perfect place for a quick breakfast, Italian coffee and to work on your computer using the free wi-fi. In the evening - a great space for a meeting with a glass of wine. It is a synergistic blend of intimate café with a pleasant pub, where tradition meets modernity, the quality with a good price!
Every cafe place here in Wroclaw has their specific ideas how to attract their customers and sometimes reach to the strangest manouvers like in Stalbet trying to lurk the Wroclawians with a real animal: a chameleon.

As their chameleon grows more and more into their favourite mascot, they invented even a game for kids- how endearing ;) 

With its old pictures showing Wroclaw from the past, this cafe reminds me of Czech restaurant Bernard`s located right within the heart of Rynek.

The interior design is quite stylish and artistic. This cafe has two floors: while the groundfloor is wide and open being adequate for group meetings or business lunch, the second floor seems to be intimate and cozy: perfect for a date or private conversation. 

You can choose for breakfast freshly-made croissants along with marmelade, fried egg with cheese variations, or our choice: bruschettas with tomatoes, mozarella, arugula and pumpkin seeds: Simple, yet appetizing!

                                                                     - CK

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  1. Ile pyszności! Ach, aż zgłodniałam :)

  2. I do tego jeszcze male zoo ;) mozna sobie zywego kameleona zobaczyc! ;)

  3. Anonymous4/5/14

    Piękne zdjęcia! Musiałam to zobaczyć na żywo! Uwielbiam takie klimaty! Te oryginale cegły i belki! Pyszna kawa z syropem toffi!