Orange Tiramisu Light


Tiramisu- Since it is a famous, heavy caloric dessert, I ate it seldom. But why should we avoid such a mouthwatering, fluffy treat?  Now I want to present you a light version, which is still very tasty endulging this sweet treat to its fullest!

[6 portions, per person, ca. 180kcal, 3g fat]

ingredients: 50 ml espresso,
                   1 tablespoon of liquid honey,
                   500g quark (low caloric),
                   200g natural yoghurt (0,1% fat),
                   1 package of vanillin sugar,
                   2 tablespoons of bitter orange marmelade,
                   150ml orange juice,
                   1 package of gelatin (15g),
                   16 spoon biscuits,
                   30g chocolate flakes

preparation: Stir espresso and liquid honey. Afterwards mix quark, yoghurt, vanillin sugar, marmelade, orange juice and gelatin for at least 1-2 minutes. Place the spoon biscuits into a form, drain them with espresso and position the quark as the last layer. Smooth it and place the form with the content for 2h into the fridge. Before serving, grain chocolate flakes over the orange tiramisu and enjoy the dessert. Bon appetit!

                                   So delightful, and no worries concerning heavy calories!

Have you tried it? Did you add something else to make it even better? Tell me your secret ingredient ;)

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  1. Hey Caro,
    sieht super lecker aus! Werde ich auch nachmachen müssen :)
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Ja, unbedingt! Ist der Hit! Und überhaupt keine Sünde ;)