Eating Marilyn Monroe




The exhibition “Jedzac Marilyn Monroe” (=”Eating Marilyn Monroe”) by Malgorzata ET BER Warlikowska is a reflection of identity, understood in many ways: subjectivity of women, artists, private persons and public, man as a genealogical chain carrying the cultural code, item functioning in specific relationships with others. Individuality and independence versus existence in specific framework set by the environment, culture and biology. The artist used her characteristic media: graphics combined with ceramics, paintings, sculptures, installations, actions, concepts, and remedies: consciously creations from different eras, referring to topos, fun with familiar motifs from art history, perversion, deforming them, connections, divisions,...

Galeria Awangarda, ul. Wita Stwosza 32



Is there a more banal figure in pop culture than Marilyn Monroe? One has done with her already everything: exploited her as an actress, model, never become a mother, wife, lover, idiot, intelligent individual, plastic doll- The best of all would be to eat her. Malgorzata ET BAR Warlikowska has dared to take this move and and once again in the history of art to try using the name of the actress to make her the hero of her story. Marilyn Monroe, due to her wide popularity, boundless exploitation and continuous with the transformation of the image transformed herself from an “outstanding woman” into an “everyman”. ET BER uses this fact and squeezes the last juice from the actress.  
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What do you think about the whole exhibition? What jumped into your eye?
Am sure , there are many more other exhibitions about Marilyn Monroe over the whole world. Have you been at one? Tell me your story :)

Was meinst du über diese Ausstellung? Was sprach Dich besonders an?
Ich bin mir sicher, dass es viele weiter Exhibitionen über Marilyn Monroe gibt. Warst du auf einer? Dann erzähl mir bitte deine Geschichte :) 

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  1. chyba najbardziej spodobały mi się...talerze :-)
    pozdrawiam i zapraszam do siebie :-)

  2. a ja uwielbiam te rozne glowy od Marilyn Monroe ;) Chetnie!