Bikini Berlin - the new kid in town


Seven hotels in five favourite cities are looking forward to meeting active spirits with tired bodies. 25hours hotels are special with their ideal concept each embarging the local spirit. Sometimes cool, sometimes colourful, sometimes nostalgic – 25hours hotels offer not only bed and breakfast but plenty of entertainment, surprises and fun, too.
The 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is as diverse as the big city it is located in and as wild as a jungle. The hotel showcases cosmopolitan Berlin at its location in the listed Bikini-Haus building between the Tiergarten park and Breitscheidplatz with Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The hotel is popular not only among its own guests thanks to the restaurant and bar on the top floor with a 360° rooftop terrace and first-class views of the city and the Tiergarten park.
This hotel wined already numerous hearts of its worldwide guests and 25hours Hotel Zurich West was crowned with the european hotel design award.

The 25hours Hotel Zurich West is situated in the most important developing area in Zurich. In just the past few decades, it’s become a home to creatives, clubs and international companies. The quarter’s character is influenced by a mix of former industrial areas and new development.

Quality comes with the price: Sure it is quite a pleasure to house within such design walls, but still reasonable prizes overwhelm: it starts for Bikini Berlin from 102 € for two adults. It is quite a joy living for a couple of days in such an unsual, stylish dormitory.

Where you can find 25hotels? Up to date, the are located within Berlin/ Bikini, Hamburg/ Number One, Hamburg/ Hafencity, Frankfurt/ by Levi`s, Frankfurt/ The Goldman, Vienna/ At Museumsquartier, Zurich/ West.

                                                                 JungleM2 Room

UrbanM3 Room

Monkey Bar 

Rooftop Terrace

Reception Lobby

Island Living Room

Bakery Cafe

Who had already the pleasure to sleep in one of this amazing hotels? :)

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