Cafe Rozrusznik- Best Frappe in town!


Cafe Rozrusznik is a small cafe hidden behind a corner of a building. With its simple decor, comfortable chairs and old time flair, it still attracts its clients with its goods. Here you can enjoy a delicious roasted coffee - A big plus for fair trade products. 
Besides cakes and muffins, they also serve mouthwatering grilled sandwiches.  A definite plus is a great owner who enthusiastically talks about all products , introducing  a loose and friendly atmosphere. I am very pleased that a new place on the map of Wroclaw has appeared and  run by passionate people who are willing to infect their customers with creativity and enthusiasm. Special of this venue is that all music being played by the owner origins from his LP-player and let us dive in into his classic, jazz world.

What is definitely worth coming for is their delightful, real Frappe in the best Greek style, (beige no whipped cream or ice cream - just pure
classic!)- Perfect for hot summer days :)- and actually it is said being the best one in whole Wroclaw! Sure, you should look for yourself and savour their speciality.

Address: Wojciecha Cybulskiego 15, 50-205 Wrocław
Hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm


Delicious coffee crema for only 7 zl rounded up with a self-made creme- art in leaf-shape.

This are by far the tastiest fluffy sandwiches cheese, green pesto, arugula and tomatoes I´ve eaten here in wroclaw for 9zl, along with coffee.

If you are a young couple, your child can sit in this cure, red chair.

- CK 

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