Taking new steps




One day I was buying roses for my mom on Plac Solny in Wroclaw, when I saw Wiktor, a hobby-photographer, the first time standing and waiting for me. I paid the woman who sells flowers while feeling an intense sight penetrating me- it was him. When I turned around, he came to me and informed me about his project being on a search for beautiful women. Instead of feeling flattered, I felt quite annoyed, and not ready for taken pictures but within seconds I said to myself- let`s give it a shot! It became my first picture, my mom framed and literally put everywhere fascinated by that photo of her daughter.

Now the pictures featuring here have been taken some years after my first meeting, to be precise last year in autumn. My first photoshooting: What can I say?-  I had a lot of fun! Although Wiktor had his own visions in his head, I got creative and convinced him to perform my very own ideas putting them into action. Go look for yourself !

Thank you, Wiktor Jankowski !!! 
- CK

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