Bull & Bear - Off to Frankfurt!


Frankfurt, is the largest city in the German state of Hessen and the fifth-largest city in Germany. Since stocks and finances are housing here, it is for a paradise for stockbroker and shopoholics. 
What do people associate with Frankfurt ? You’d probably already know for sure what the top three answers would be:

The people of Frankfurt, however, know that this beautiful city on the River Main, which lies in probably the most picturesque federal state, has more to offer. This realisation has even spread across the pond. The New York Times recently placed Frankfurt (the only German city in fact!) in its list of places that you must visit before the end of the year. This means it was mentioned in the same breath as cities like Cape Town, LA and Perth. So what makes this part of the planet such a must-see?

Firstly, Frankfurt is the city of superlatives with:

The highest buildings in Germany
The second most important stock exchange in the world
The third biggest airport in Europe

Secondly, Frankfurt is young, modern and multifaceted. The cityscape is currently undergoing a rapid transformation – particularly in the neighbourhood around the main railway station. Once a shabby area and pleasure mile, this part of the city is becoming ever more attractive thanks to its culinary and innovative offering. A very good tip for this neighbourhood is the ‘Maxie Eisen’ – the first pastrami deli in Frankfurt. It has not been open long but is no longer a particularly secret insider’s tip. This trend, originally from Manhattan, is now set to become a big seller in Mainhattan too.

The transformation of the city’s design is in the hands of the creative experts. A cool and urban scene has sprung up that is a world away from all the clichés – with small and cosy restaurants as well as bars and clubs all with a real individual charm.

In Vapiano at Goetheplatz, it is possible to dive into Italian food enjoying a variety of pasta and pizza in a young interior design. 

Imitating a mensa which you know back in the days of studies, you need to order right at the station. It is a mixed clientele where young and old are equally attracted. 

Their pizza is thin, crunchy and light with my favourite topping of arugula, parmesan, and prosciutto on it for ca. 7€. 

Afterwards, we enjoyed our creamy coffee and bombay wodka with grenadine syrup along with sweet and fluffy marzipan petit-fours.

It is quite busy during the weekend here at Vapiano, especially around lunch-time 3-6 p.m.

The waiting time for your pizza can take up to 15 min. In order to receive your food you get a pilot which vibrates when your order is ready to be eaten. 

Besides coffee, they also serve alcoholic drinks. 

Exactly at Goetheplatz, there is a statue in honor to the great german poet famous for many brilliant works like "Faust". 

On the second day of our trip to Frankfurt, I was craving for a juicy burger.
"Die Kuh die lacht" meaning "the cow which laughs" attracts its clients with its lovely logo.

Usually burgerplaces seem to have a hip, young and cool interior, but "die Kuh die lacht" surprises with its elegant style contrasting with the stereotype of a typical place serving burgers. 

Fritz-kola is a soft drink directly from my birthplace Hamburg, the north of germany. "We could do a much better job", said two friends to each other, scraped together a few thousands euros` starting capital and founded fritz-kola in the Hamburg-Othmarschen student hall of residence in 2002. The company started first offering just the original fritz-kola in 2003 and today boasts ten sorts of vegan colas and fizzy fruit pops. Since a drink can only be as good as its ingredients, fritz-kola only uses natural caffeine, real cola nuts and natural flavours from the fruits listed. 

Besides soft drinks, you have the choice to warm yourself up with an aromatic earl grey along with lemon.

Besides a variety of burgers (also veggie-type available), they offer you salads and desserts for small prizes.

I choose the "Avocadoburger" containing beef, arugula, red onions, and an avocado sauce. The meat as well as its sesame bun were delicious, but honestly as an huge avocadolover I was very disappointed: You barely taste the avocado being dominated by the red onions. 

Along to the burgers they serve homemade fries - crispy, but keep your fingers away from this nasty, fishy ketchup! 

The prices are reasonable: you pay around 7€ for the burger and fresh fries for 2€.

Especially in Frankfurt, you can either do investments  and easily multiply your earnings or get rid off it by bying the newest trends: let it be Bogner or Escada- quality has definetely its price! 


At the "Schirn-museum", you can visit its famous and very popular exhibition called "Esprit Montmatre" until June 2014.

Esprit Montmatre- Bohemian Life in Paris around 1900
A notorious distric in Paris` 18th arrondissement held special appeal for a number of the most well-known modern artists: Montmatre. "The quarter resembles a huge studio", a contemporary critic wrote in the 1890`s about the hill on what was the the city`s outskirts. Having  preserved its original rural flair, it represented a counter- world to the mundane Paris of the "belle époche". The SCHIRN exhibition has set out to convey a sense of the special Montmatre atmosphere. More than two hundred works by Henri de Toulouse- Lautrec, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Suzanne Valadon, Amedeo Modigliani, Edgar Degas and others will lure visitors into the milieu of the Parisian "boheme" around the turn of the century. Historical photographs and numerous posters and prints will shed light on further facets of one of the most colorful chapters in the history of art, but also one which countless cliches are associated: the frivolous cancan girls in the Moulin Rouge, sumptuous coffehouse scenes, or the penniless artist who indulges in alcohol, sleeps until noon and turns night into day. Yet to reduce Montmatre to these familiar images means to overlook the realism with which the artists recorded everyday life there. They were people who had consciously chosen to dissociate themselves outwardly from the bourgeoisie by embarking on lives as poor bohemians on the fringe of society. Their striking portraits of outsiders, thieves, beggars, street artists, prostitutesand drinkers mirrored their new perception of themselves. The exhibition will investigate circumstances of the period in question and its new definition of the role of the artist.

I must emphasize: Between the brilliant art, stay away from the stuff- don`t dare to ask them anything. It was very full on the sunday I`ve been at this museum, the wardrobe overfilled with people, so I coudn`t left my coat underestimating the upcoming heat. I dared to "strip" having my coat around my arm, and what do i need to hear from a very unfriendly lady? "Put your coat on!" Well , excuse me lady but it is quite hot in here. and apart from this, what is really the difference of having the coat on or just around the shoulder? As I said- keep away from that unfriendly stuff! I wasn`t the only victim of hers ... Sometimes you shouldn`t let out your aggression or bad mood on others.

After that cultural indulgence for my eyes, I had the "honor" to try fresh-made froglegs at my friend`s house.

Hmm, apperently I`ve tasted them already when i was of innocent 9 years of age, but my mom prepared them quite differently: She removed all the soft meat from the froggy bones and told me that it is chicken. Well, that`s true: it tastes like weird chicken. 


My secret tip for all the people with a sweet tooth out here: Don`t miss out "Hollhorst" with its magnificant pancakes each of them only for 2,20 €.  Especially a must-try would be the elongated berliner which are called "Kreppel" filled with plum sauce- mouthwatering!

In Frankfurt Kreppel are produced traditionally in the cold season. The Frankfurt Kreppel be like the Berliner (pancakes) made ​​from a sweet yeast dough and fried in boiling fat. The slight yeast dough to this rule is the characteristic "collar".The Kreppel are traditionally elongated, due to the larger surface they taste a little stronger than the round "Berliner", and are usually filled either with plum marmelade or vanilla mouse.

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