Street art meets High fashion


It seems that not only you and me are fascinated by street art but it also infected the biggest fashion designers from Karl Lagerfeld, to Celine and Prada.
Take for example Miuccia Prada: The Runway resembling a street, the audience is sitting in the corners and looking over gigantic wall arts inspiried by the political wall-art of former mexican artists like Diego Riviera and created by six famous painters and illustraters, for example Jeanne Detallante, Stinkfish, Gabriel Specter. The collection: Coats, skirts, dresses with cut-outs, sequins, embroideries and prints presenting the wall-art on cloths- loud, fancy, colorful and outstanding. Modernism that needs courage and gives a statement like art.



On my last trip to Barcelona, we have been thanks to Street StyleTour on a three hour- search of the well-hidden treasures of big and small pieces of street art. Since stencils are forbidden to be created on walls because soon or later they will be removed by local authorities, the clever artists are taking other options to put their creative ideas to action. They can make a deal with the small shops, creating a logo for them on the persianas , or by placing their artistic piece on electrical boxes, or by cooperating with the founders of “Galeria de la Magdalena” - an allover masterpiece of various artists smashed together on two walls in El Born.


The street art scene is no longer dominated by men: More and more women are encouraged to perform art in Barcelona. Take for example “Ninieta”- she likes to draw in an  endearing way, but also presenting girls in sexy poses, or “VeganBunnies” having a turquoise bunny as her distinguishing mark signing under her works like no war on syria, etc. There`s also a couple in that business called XX and XY, always putting their colourful stencils not too far away from each others works. 








Since opening its doors in 2003, Base Elements has functioned as a multi-faceted gallery- acting as both a workshop and studio- where space and forum collide.

There is no doubt that Barcelona is one of the world’s hubs for Graffiti and Street Art. The walls and buildings of the city have become a canvas for both unknown taggers and globally known urban artists. With the concept of providing a literal and figurative canvas for such independent artists, Robert Burt (California native) and his wife Monica Riu (Barcelona Native) founded Base Elements Urban Art Gallery in 2003 with hopes of creating a space where such street artists could not only showcase their talents, but also be embraced as true artists.

Current exhibiting artists include: Btoy, Pez, Kenor, Oriol, Zosen, Tom 14, Pezkhamino, Juan Pajares, Monix, Kram, Robert Burt, etc.

Since then I am a huge fan of Street art and Mr. Cheese became one of my favourites with his cute charm. You should definetely go to a Streetstyletour for example in Barcelona! With its everchanging arts, the tour will never be boring. Tell me your experience :)

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