One weekend in Lodz- Part 2


With any travelling you need a place to sleep - either you can stay at "Bedrooms" which is exactly at Piotrkowska street or you can enjoy your stay at "Loftaparts" being further away from the city center but therefore on can live in a luxurious loft!


Bedrooms at Piotrkowska street 

Piotrkowska street No. 86 - The Gutenberg house 
This building was named after Johann Gutenberg, the inventor of printing, and is an excellent example of the big city architecture by the end of 19th century.

On our second day in Lodz, we were walking down Piotrkowska, suddenly stopping because of that magnificant red building decorated with dragons- Right there you can find "Brednia", an equivalent to Wroclaw`s "Lot Kory" keeping their authentic interior design in mind. Dark wood, black elemnts and industrial decor is dominating that food place. 

Staff is very friendly. We ordered two variations of bagle as breakfast.

Here you can see my chosen hot bagle stuffed with argula, tomatoes, red paprica, slize of grilled chicken   refined with a delicate yoghurt sauce.

My boyfriend took a bagle with red onions, salade, and chicken with spicy sauce.

Different variations of self-baked bread can be found in "Brednia"- with various sorts of seeds and plums. 

Situated just off ul. Piotrkowska (hence the name) between numbers 138-140, the complex has taken over the beautiful old cotton mill buildings of the former Ramisch factory (C-6). Just until a few years ago this large plot in front of the factory was known locally as ‘Chinatown’ and was home to many cheap Vietnamese food stalls and vendors.
At the end of 2010 the massive potential of the area was spotted by the young and very enthusiastic artistic visionaries of the city, and a whole host of bars, clubs, alternative music venues, studios, independent design companies and publishing houses started appearing in the area.
Similarly in London or Berlin, OFF continues to attract new local businesses following current trends and fashions. We love the fact that the whole project has taken on its own steam and thrives in the crumbling beauty of the old buildings. The past, the present and the future all coexist without the need for the kind of massive investment which would destroy the place of its cool glamour.

While walking on a sunny sunday through Piotrkowska again, I met this fellow.

Księży Młyn - Edward Herbst Palace
One of the most intriguing places in Poland, Księży Młyn (Priest's Mill) underwent a massive overhaul and is now open to the public. It is a vast district, which has survived almost unaffected since the period of the flowering of industrial Lodz. In the 19th century, Karol W. Scheibler – one of the biggest manufacturers in Lodz, built an industrial and residential complex, a type of city inside the city. Its urban arrangement and architecture were modeled on English industrial settlements. Księży Młyn is composed of systematically arranged and architecturally uniform factory buildings, a housing estate, mansions of the owners and villas of directors with gardens, as well as streets and railway sidings, a school, two hospitals, a fire brigade depot, a gas-works and a factory club. The quarter is located between ul. Tymienieckiego, Przędzalniana, Fabryczna, Kilińskiego.
Admission to permanent exhibits 6/3zł. Thu free for all exhibits.

Being back to Piotrkowska street

Klubokawiarnia Zmiana tematu, Łódź, ul. Piotrkowska 144

As you see, this is a project of four young architectures who create a whole new inventory for their Club-coffee place: Wooden thin pieces resembling that sweet treat "Baumkuchen". 

OFF Piotrkowska shows a variety of restaurants in its typical modern industrial interior like I mentioned before. Spółdzielnia with its classical, young and fresh design dominated by geometrical figures styled in black and white colors, attracts young and old foodies.

These silver steel lamps, very in trend now, are usually used in cowsheds

My choice of the day was the grilled chicken with mashed potatoes, arugula, and beetroot all refined with delicate cranberry sauce.

For dessert I had a perfect creamy capucchino and a good panna cotta to stop my craving for sweet treats. 

- CK 

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