Muse live @Rome, Olympic Stadium Review



I had yesterday the pleasure to watch a magnificant live perfomance by Muse, who officially played in June this year, in the cinema sitting comfortably in my seat and be drowned in that breath-taking show. I enjoyed it a lot and in my opinion it was the best live concert I have ever seen!

And not only this- one should emphasize that it is the first concert film ever shot in 4K Ultra High Definition. 4K means more pixels - to be precise 8.8 million of them showing off on the screen, which is four times more than you are used to see in the cinema. More pixels means richer colours, a sharper image and more detail than you can imagine. 

Back to the concert: I wasn`t there per se in rome, just in the cinema having not high expectations upon what I would see in the near future, eating nachos, dipping them carefully into the creamy yellow cheese sauce. When Muse started to play, I was flashed by their stage engraved with their logo of their newest album cover - a photograph of the human brain, or better: an image which navigates the brain`s pathway, tracking the circuits in our heads and shows how we process information with bright, neon colours.

For the first time I`ve seen actually actors on the stage for example an enraged businessman throwing Muse-branded bank notes at the crowd during "Animals" or a sexy, but stressed secretary who couldn`t handle her situation anymore, going mental on the phone before pouring petrol on herself for some reason during "Feel Good". Furthermore, an acrobat which popped out of a gigantic lightbulb balloon, danced while Matthew Bellamy played on his crystal grand piano.

Gigantic screens behind the members of Muse presented either funny features like Angela Merkel dancing next to Obama resembling Wii- figures or sad, melancholic themes showing misery of the world. Italian Muse fans loved to see the Pope Francis dance - as a cartoon. Most audiences would be offended by such an illustration of their local deity, but only Muse can get away with it. Bless them.

Fascinating was in my opinion their special synthesizer bass instrument - it will definetely be the future bass instrument! ;)

I have noticed it when the bass player, Chris Wolstenholme, played that strange looking instrument which seemed to be a bass guitar with a back- lit touch screen which he used to play notes. It was actually a combination of Misa Kitara Digital Guitar Synth Controller on the top and Status Graphite S2-Classic headless bass guitar put together like a double neck guitar.

Despite I was "only" in the cinema, I felt all the emotions flowing around (goosebumps!!!) and really got exited when they played my favourite songs: 1) Hysteria, 2) Supermassive Black Hole, 3) Disclosed desires, 4) Uprising 5) Time is running out :)

I got myself when I was tapping my feet along the Muse rhythm, and thanks to Muse, my boyfriend had the urge to play his bass and me to start again my piano playing :)

If you haven`t already seen Muse live at Rome Olympic Stadium, you could watch it either in a cinema near you ( as I did) or for extra long pleasure- you can buy yourself this film on DVD+CD as a christmas present.

Here a sneak-peek: 


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  2. It was incredible event...sooo good review ! i have too but only in my language :(

  3. Danke schön ^^ Dafür ist ja der Translater rechts an der seite da, damit jeder meinen Blog versteht ;)