Kraków / Cracow


Krakow is the second largest city and one of the oldest cities in Poland. Ages ago, when Poland was a kingdom stretching from the tip of the Baltics to deep in the Carpathians, Krakow was its cosmopolitan capital and one of the leading economic centres of the world. This city avoided destruction during
WWII by their sheer forces, and turns nowadays its beautiful face to the rest of the world. During warm days, many tourists come and visit Krakow`s enourmaous market square, walk through the ancient and enchanting walls of Wawel castle and enjoy the atmosphere of the former Jewish district.


Krakow`s centre can be divided into two main sections - the Old Town and Kazimierz (the former Jewish Quarter), with Wawel towering between them.

When you arrive upon Krakow`s main market square or "Rynek", you will stand upon the largest medieval market square in Central Europe with its 200 metres square lined up with cafes and restaurants, filled with people, and being the place for performances, concerts, parades, musicians and horse-drawn carriages. Within its centre lies the beautiful Cloth Hall or "Sukiennice" - a neo-Gothic structure which has served as a market for merchants since the Middle Ages, and whose history you can now learn in the Rynek Underground museum just beneath it. 

Known as the "lungs of the city", the Planty is one of Krakow`s most unique and charming features - three kilometres of public parks and gardens filled with trees, flowers, benches and historic monuments.

Close to Florianska Gate, there you can find a coffe venue full of delicious pralinees and awesome coffe. Let it be dark chocolate with lavender on the top, or chilli, cherry to white chocolate- anything you want. 

Kazimierz- the district lies south of the Old Town between Wisla River and ul. Dietla was the centre of Jewish life in Krakow for over 500 years, before it was systematically destroyed during WWII. Within the communist era it became a filthy area and nowadays blossoming again with its bohemian neighbourhood, atmospheric cafes and art galleries. 

One day I came across that nice cafe/bar called "Mleczarnia
During summer days, when sunshine is warming your face or back, you may sit comfortable outside zipping on your cold beer

                                           But during cold winter days, enjoy your hot chocolate or cafe inside :)

You may be astonished that all the young people who are coming out drunk of bars like "Irish Mbassy" in the Old Town, 

and clubs actually represent the country`s educational elite. Krakow`s Jagiellonian University is said to be Poland`s best institute of higher learning, as well as bing one of the oldest in the world- in Central Europe only Prague`s Charles University predates it.

Collegium Novum

And the following Collegium Maius:

The Professor`s Garden 

I have to emphasize that the medical students at Jagiellonian University are extremly talented!!! 
You don`t believe me? Watch this --> 

and this: 

Wawel, royal castle, can be Poland`s version of the British Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, with its gorgeous Romanesque, Renaissance and Gothic architecture.

the Wawel Dragon

Are you gettin hungry? Go to "Moaburger" at ulica Mikolajska 3, where you can enjy juicy, delicious and huuuuge burgers from its finest! 

Classic version 

Another great and romatic restaurant I highly recommand is "Trattoria MammaMia"!
My favourite: Tagliatelle al tartuflo con champignon e pomodoro secco

As I was walking through the streets of Krakow, I passed by this gorgeuous cubus-formed buidling, which appeared to be a gallery.

When you are interested in Modern Art like me, the don`t miss out the MOCAK- Museum of contemporary Art.

Art, Art, Birds, Art, ... BIRDS???

Yes, first I thought they were stuffed out birds, but now those cute zebra finches were there, but no worries, they were under professional care.

Here some random pictures from the Krakow journey :)

Do you remember him? 

Thank you !!! 
- CK 

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  1. Nice photos..nice story... One thing! Cracow is the best place for clubbing in Poland :D:D:D Enjoy!

  2. Thank you, Wiktor! ;) Then you have to give me some examples of best clubs in Krakow, because I will be definetely again in this beautiful city :)

  3. For the future, I can recommend you an apartment in the city center of Krakow - just near the main square. The view from the windows is breathtaking. Really worth!