Don Jon Movie Review


It is sunday evening, cold, and foggy outside, which means in short: perfect weather for cinema!
As I looked up what movies are playing, I decided to watch "Don Jon" written and directed  by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as we know him from
movies like "500 days of summer", playing together with my favourite actress Scarlett Johansson.


It was amusing watching it, but first let me describe you in short its plot:
We are dealing with Jon Martello (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) as a strong, handsome, well-built guy who is called by his buddies "Don Jon" due to his ability to "pull" a different woman every weekend, but even though he catches an awesome one, he falls into his "drug" named pornography.
One day he meets, as his buddies say " a hard 10", - Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson) at a club.
She is a woman who follows deeply the romantic movies and tries to find her Prince Charming who would do everything for his one true love. So as you can see two different stereotypes are clashing against each other, and it will definetely not end well- As she finds out that Jon is watching porn while looking up his internet history, she acts rapidly and announces the break-up. "Movies and porn are different, Jon. They give awards for movies", he is told. "They give awards for porno, too", Jon says in his defence.

Both Jon and Barbara struggle against a media culture full of false expectations to try and find true intimacy. While Jon is going to classes to get a better job opportunity, he meets Esther played by red-haired Juliane Moore, who actually shares the same interest as him, but not in this extreme extent.
Porn seems to be a durg for Jon, Esther tries to explain to him, he is an addict. What is his intense to watch it? - "I can loose myself." At this point, Esther makes him clear that he never have found the woman before, with whom he can actually loose himself, where random Missionary position becomes not that aweful from a man`s point of view when he has to do all the work, where girls look perfect in any position ... well, in the very end he achived that amazing feeling with a real woman and therefore could fully say goodbye to pornography.

In my opinion Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a great job, it amused me to watch this movie although it was presented from a men`s point of view. One should watch this movie keeping in mind not to take it that seriously and follow it until the end when it all sums up into a kinda "happy ending", not the usual typical Hollywood type and its very own essential thought: Loose yourself in a relationship. Don`t let a one-sided scenario happen, give and therfore you will get something back, look into each others eyes and enjoy that true feeling not manipulated by false fantasies given by todays media.


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