We are the champions!!! Don`t cry for me Argentina


We are the champions!!!
This is Germany's fourth World Cup victory, having won last in 1990, and previously in 1974 and 1954.
I am sure that our national team wakes up today with a hangover and still can not believe their victory over Argentina. I was watching at home comfortably lying on the sofa together with my boyfriend. One must emphasize that Germany has given everything: Schweinsteiger has persevered despite his multiple injuries; Kramer, who had received a proper knockout and had to leave the game because of possible concussion; Neuer, who was later honored as the best goalkeeper, had guarded our gate in a fantastic way and accomplished a true kung fu fist kick.We played fair. Actually, however, I was also afraid that the German team will play too confident, but it lay in minutes. It was hair-raising, and finally Mario Götze has freed us in 113 minutes by a fantastic goal! Germany made it possible to gain the first European team triumph in South American football temple Maracanã. 

Where and with whom did you watch yesterday`s  final Germany vs Argentina?

Wir sing Weltmeister!!! 
Dies ist unser vierter Sieg in der WM, nach 1990, 1974 und 1954.
Ich bin mir sicher, dass unsere National-Elf heute mit einem Kater aufwacht und ihren Sieg über Argentinien noch nicht fassen können. Bei mir zuhause im Wohnzimmer bequem auf dem Sofa liegend, schaute ich mir das Spiel zusammen mit meinem Freund an- Ich muss sagen Deutschland hat alles gegeben: Schweinsteiger hat obwohl seiner mehrfachen Verletzungen durchgehalten; Kramer, der einen richtigen Knockout bekommen hatte und aus dem Spiel rausmusste wegen möglicher Gehirnerschütterung; Neuer, der später als bester Torwart ausgezeichnet wurde, unser Tor fantastisch behütet hatte und einen wahrhaftigen Kung-Fu fist kick vollbrachte. Wir haben fair gespielt. Tatsächlich hatte ich jedoch auch Angst, dass die deutsche Mannschaft zu selbstsicher spielen wird, jedoch legte es sich nach Minuten. Es war haarsträubend, doch zum Glück erlöste uns Mario Götze in der 113 Minute durch ein fantastisches Tor! Zum Höhepunkt erlebte Deutschland als erstes europäisches Team einen Triumph im südamerikanischen Fußballtempel Maracanã.

Wo und mit wem habt ihr das Finale Deutschland gegen Argentinien gesehn? 


00' Just about ready for kickoff.

02' Early free kick here for Germany in a great position as Toni Kroos is barged off the ball unfairly. It was another attempt at a cute free kick from the Germans but doesn't come off.

04' And Argentina counter immediately, as Higuain's shot is dragged wide. Good early chances for both teams! The shape of the match is already clear - the Germans comfortable in possession, but Argentina look set to counter.

09' Dangerous moment for Germany as Messi tears the right side apart, but he can't find a teammate with his final pass in the box.

18' Ouch! Kramer is on the floor after having taken a heavy (accidental) shoulder to the face. Interesting to see what will happen here - a reminder that Kramer started this match as Khedira got injured in the warm-up.

21' Higuain, Higuain, Higuain! The Napoli man is gifted a one-on-one by a poor header from Kroos, but he's completely missed the target! You can't miss those, not here!

29' Schweinsteiger picks up the first yellow card of the match after bringing down Lavezzi. The free kick is played short, but doesn't come to much.

30' Higuain has the ball in the back of the net but he's strayed way, way offside and the goal is rightly chalked off! The striker should have done better, but the German defenders didn't shower themselves in credit either.

31' Kramer, meanwhile, has not been able to recover and his World Cup final comes to an end. Chelsea's Andre Schürrle comes on for him.

34' Fairly outrageous challenge from Höwedes on Zabaleta earns him a yellow. No complaints from the German and he might consider himself a bit lucky...

40' Messi runs through just about everyone but Boateng is there at the death. The match's frantic early pace is showing no signs of slowing.

45' A German corner comes in and Höwedes smashes it into the post - could he have done better with that? The rebound goes straight to Müller, but he's offside.

45' After 2 added minutes, the first half is brought to an end. It's had just about everything, barring a (legitimate) goal - hopefully we'll see that plus more of the same after the break.

___________________________________ HT ___________________________________

45' The injury-ravaged Sergio Agüero is making an appearance. Lavezzi has come off for him - bit of a risky move from Sabella.

45' We're back out and ready to go for another 45. Maybe the last 45 minutes of the World Cup, if one of these almosts finds its way home.

47' Argentina are the ones who've started better and ohhhh Messi. He's clean through, but his shot whistles narrowly wide of the far post.

57' Couple of... curious decisions from the referee in the last few minutes, calling fouls that could've either gone uncalled or been given to the other team. Germany's ball now, though, having worked their way back into the half.

64' Mascherano miscontrols and fouls Klose to stop him capitalising from the error. He'll take the yellow, first Argentinian player to be booked on the night.

65' Agüero doesn't want Mascherano to be lonely and so charges into Schweinsteiger rashly. He's promptly booked too.

70' The pace and sharpness of the first half hasn't quite carried through after the break, as both teams find themselves getting a bit scrappy in the final third.

75' Messi carves out a chance after working his way around the German box, but his strike sails wide. 15 minutes left, and it's unclear which team will be able to find the moment of magic.

78' Rodrigo Palacio is Sabella's roll of the die here, and Higuain will be the man to come off. He might yet regret his big, big miss in the first half.

82' The Germans playing well in the last few minutes but as Özil tees up Kroos for a trademark drive, the Bayern man tamely slides it wide. Not long left!

86' Gago comes on for Perez. That'll be Sabella's third and final move, while the Germans still have two substitutes remaining as extra-time closes in.

87' Löw makes one of those subs now, as Mario Götze comes on for Klose, the tournament's all-time record goalscorer.

90' It could've all been over by now, but after 3 added minutes the teams remain level. Off to extra time we go, then - for the third World Cup final in a row.

___________________________________ FT ___________________________________

090' Goalless still, then, as we go into extra time. 30 more minutes - at least - left in this match, let's see what these tired legs are capable of.

091' Just 30 seconds into it and Schürrle almost finds the moment! Denied by a sharp save from Romero, and the Argentinian counter-attack is quickly snuffed out.

097' Palacio with a huge chance from close range but he tries to outsmart Neuer by lifting it over him, and his effort sails well wide of the mark!

105' It's all German possession in extra time so far but still nothing to separate these teams. Penalties looming large now, but 15 minutes left to do something about that.

109' Schweinsteiger's taken a fair few heavy challenges, most notably a couple of recent ones from Mascherano and Agüero - both of whom have already been booked. The German is bleeding. Careful!

113' GOAL GERMANY! Mario Götze has scored! Schürrle plays him in with a clever dinked cross and Götze provides the deadly finish that this match has been missing!

120' Özil is replaced by Mertesacker. There will be just 2 minutes added on to this second half of extra time. Germany on the brink!

120' And that's it! A last minute Messi free kick comes to nothing, and the referee blows for full time. Germany are the Champions!

This sad Brazilian fan was shown crying. But no ones published this beautiful picture of him handing the trophy to a German fan. He was quoted as saying "Take it to the final! As you can see, it is not easy, but you deserve it, congratulations" .

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    1. Achja, damit hat wohl nicht jeder gerechnet ;) Glückwunsch an unsere National- Elf :D