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Ahhh, Lisboa- with its cute yellow historical trams, gorgeous azulejos (typica portuguese tiles), fado singers, pasteis de nata (vanilla tartlets) and beautiful souvenirs made out of cork :)

What you shouldn`t miss out is Lisbon`s flea market which is locally called the Feira de Ladra, often thought to mean "Thieve`s Market" (in portuguese "ladra" is a woman thief) but it actually derives from "ladro", a bug found in antiques. Today, the traders here are perfectly legal, many of them gypsies showing their wares in the Campo de Santa Clara street, in the district of Alfama.

Where? Campo de Santa Clara, Sao Vicente de Fora, 1100 Lisboa
When? Tuesdays and Saturdays from 6 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Get on the other side via a ferry from Transtejo - Transportes Tejo, Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa to Parque de estacionamento Soflusa Cacilhas. 

Once you have put your feet on the ground, you will see a plenty of great fish restaurants, with their finest products. Many of Portugal`s dishes are fish-based due to the country`s situation on the Atlantic. The most famous fish dish is salted cod, bacalhau, which is said can be cooked in 365 different ways. Each region has its own bacalhau speciality, for example bacalhau á Gomes de Sa from Porto (salted cod, potatoes and onions topped with eggs and onions) or bacalhau á bras from Estremadura (salt cod, potato, onion and scrambled eggs). Other popular fish include sardines, especially grilled (sardinhas assadas), sea bass, octopus, squid (often stuffed), anchovies and swordfish. Shellfish such as mussels, prawns, oyster, lobsters, crabs and clams are also very popular.

What`s for dessert? Try a pasteis de Belem - a traditional vanilla tartlet and best of its kind in Belem district!

If you are already in this historical district, you should go to Mosteiro de Jeronimos to see the grave of Vasco da Gamas, a Portuguese explorer, one of the most successful in the Age of Discovery and the commander of the first ships to sail directly from Europe to India. 

Torre de Belem 

Apropos dessert: Are you craving for some special ice cream, which will give your taste buds an explosion like Rémy from "Ratatouille"?

Here I will share two super ice cream places:

Number 1: 
Delicious Gelato at "Amorino Gelato Al Naturale"

Imagine it is a hot summer day in Lisbon. The strong Mediterranean sun is bearing down on you. You`ve forgotten your hat and you look over at your friends, who all look equally scorched in the balmy afternoon. Suddenly, a group of tourists walks by you, each of them happily licking a dripping, colorful, delicious looking ice cream cone.

Number 2: 

Santini`s is the oldest and most famous gelato shop in Lisbon. It opened up in 1949 and has been a hit ever since. Where can you find it? It is located on Rua do Carmo 9, next to Armazens do Chiado.

Now enough of the food. Let`s check some shops! :) 

It is located on Calçado do Carmo, where you can find some funky T-shirts.
Lisboa Carmo’s designs all in some way relate to Lisbon, but what makes these shirts unique is that each of these designs has been created by a different young Portuguese artist or designer. The shop has agreements with most of the designers so the t-shirts are unique to Lisboa Carmo and can’t be purchased elsewhere.

                           Altmann-Zuzarte – Unique jewellery

If you are interested in unique, hand-crafted jewellery then this store is just for you. Downhill from the Senhora do Monte miradouro in Graça, the owner of the store has his craft bench at the back of the shop where you can watch him creating the pieces that are on display in the store. He is passionate about the stones that he uses in his jewellery design and is happy to speak at length about where the material comes from and how he collects it. Every piece has a story. There is a range of pendants, rings and earrings that are all of unique design and created with different materials such as stone, metal and sometimes leather.

For a one-day trip close to Lisboa, it is worth to visit Sintra with its historical castle on the top of the hill. 

You may choose a so-called "Tuka Tuka" for 30 € to drive up the hill to reach the castle, or to take a comfortable bus which is much cheaper ;) 

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  1. Caro - super kobieta :) Piękne zdjęcia, bardzo klimatyczne miejsca. Czekam niecierpliwie na nowe ciekawe posty a najbardziej na zdjęcie różnych pyszności :)
    Monika, xoxo

    1. Dziekuje serdecznie !!! :) I will do my best B-)

  2. Bardzo ładnie, czuję się zachęcony do wizyty w Lizbonie. Poproszę o kolejne "odjazdowe" pomysły :)

  3. Yayeee!!!! GOOD TIMES!!! You summarized the entire beauty of Lisboa in this one post! :)

  4. Myślę o Lisbon w lutym ..thanks to U I think about it more :DD

  5. such lovely comments are always nice to read :) and it makes me happy that thanks to my posts people actually have the cravings to visit the cities i am presenting here :) I will do my best to keep up the good work!

  6. nice pictures! Lisboa is on my list as well :)