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Berlin is a young, dynamic city - one of its special kind. By offering many treasures and representing a big alternative scene, it attracts visitors across the whole wide world. Ranging from hip street art, dazzling fashion shows, breathtaking design works and glamourous Hollywood stars walking on the Red Carpet, it i definetely a must-do to take a stop and enjoy Germany`s capital city with its full bloom.


Berlin is a young, dynamic city- one of its special kind. It offers many treasures, which I would like to mention today like for example "Boros Bunker", which you can find in Berlin, Mitte, on Albrechtstrasse 24-25.

With a perpetual month-long waiting list, this is one of Berlin`s most treasured private art collections. When Christian Boros acquired this Nazi-era bunker in 2003, he gained not only a 3,000-square-meter space for his modern art collection but also a piece of Berlin`s colorful history. Built in 1942 to protect passengers of nearby Friedrichstraße Station from aerial bombardment, the concrete structure found a sweeter postwar use storing tropical fruit for East Berliners, who dubbed it the "Banana Bunker". It then had a brief stint as a hardcore techno and fetish club, until city authorities shut it down in 1996.

Boros converted the bunker to exhibit his extensive collection featuring artists such as Damien Hirst, known member of the group "Young British Artists", with his famous piece, a Memento Mori titled "For the Love of God", a human skull recreated in platinum and adorned with 8,601 diamonds weighing a total of 1,106.18 carats. 

In 2008, following five years of difficult renovations- reinforced concrete walls had to be cut out with diamond- tipped drills and broken up before being removed by hand- Boros and his wife took up residence in the penthouse and opened the bunker`s heavy steel doors to the public. 

One day I passed by a interior home decoration shop, called "Morphose". I was amused by all the ideas, let it be useful, cool, cute, or just funny- am sure, everybody will find their little own treasure.

Where? Oranienburger Str. 17 
Area: Mitte

Close to the Tempelhof Airport, I had the pleasure to experience a 3h-performance 
of Germany`s best Band "Die Ärzte" !



But before that spectacular concert, I was having a beer in an Urban garden nearby.

It`s sunflowers instead of planes and kale instead of kerosene at the German capital`s legendary Tempelhof Airport, site of the Berlin Airlift and now home to one of Europe`s biggest and most unusual urban gardens. 

You want to drink coffee at the same table as George Clooney does, you want to stand next to J. Lo, Nicole Kidman, or sit on the couch and talk with Mr. Freud about what`s troubling your mind?
In Berlin`s famous wax museum "Madame Tussauds" this can happen!

Are you craving for some alcoholic drink or a snack, while sitting in a roofed wicker beach chair? 
Then you shall take a look or a seat in "am to pm" !
Address: Am Zwirngraben 2 , close to Hakesche Höfe 

Speaking of Hackesche Höfe:

The Hackesche Höfe is a notable courtyard complex situated adjacent to the Hackescher Markt in the centre of Berlin. The complex consists of eight interconnected courtyards, which can be accessed through a main arched entrance at number 40 Rosenthaler Straße. It is full of restaurants, small shops selling hats, belts, colorful toys, and last but not least the Ampelmann gallery shop providing their goods from bags, mousepads, sweets, posters, to t-shirts and umbrellas.

Are you craving for a juicy and well- spiced piece of steak together with a baguette dipped in special Blockhouse - garlic sauce and a baked potatoe aside? Then "Blockhouse" may be the place, where your hunger will be fully satisfied. 

Up for a dessert afterwards? 
Check out this amazing chocolate lover`s heaven called "Fassbender & Rausch", at Gendarmenmarkt, Charlottenstraße 60


Another great place for gourmet people will be "Lindner". 

Ever heard about "KaDeWe"
It is Berlin`s most famous trademark department store (KaDeWe = Kaufhaus des Westens= department store of the West). It is a shopping paradise, a favourite, easy to spot landmark on Wittenberg Platz. With 60,000 sqm, the equivalent of nine football fields, 380,000 articles, 40,000 visitors a day, this is the legendary, largest department store on the continent.


Back in 1907 

Did you know, that there is actually a whole museum about Berlin`s speciality?

Located centrally in Berlin, close to the Checkpoint Charlie, one can dive into the history of the legendary snack creation invented by "Grand dame" Herta Heuwer. Starting off with listening to song samples about the Currywurst coming out of ketchup-bottle shaped loudspeakers, virtual Currywurst making, passing by a spice chamber with sniffing stations, taking a break on a comfortable sausage sofa or seeing an original snack bar on wheels.

In the end, you may choose the three different types of Currywurst and six different sauces. 


As my last tip, I would recommend you for the geeks out here the"Computerspielemuseum".
This museum opened in Berlin in 1997 with the world`s first permanent exhibition focusing on digital interactive entertainment culture. 
The new permanent exhibition "Computerspiele. Evolution eines Mediums" ("Computer Games. Evolution of a Medium") opened on the 21st of January, 2011 and had 70.000 visitors within the first year. Patron of the museum is Ralph H. Baer, inventor of home video games. 
The museum is a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the EU research project KEEP (2009 to 2012). 
You may read part of sketches of Computer games, play one of its first kinds, overlook a chart of SuperMarios evolution, take part of  a dangerous, painful, creepy game and also play newest games in 3D. 

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