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                                                       It is Picasso`s birthday today! 


So as I mentioned before, I won`t post only about city trips, but also about other inspirations and as a matter of fact that it`s the masters birthday, I will focus today about art. So let yourself dive in into some great pieces!

As a dentist I had to take a closer look over that cute book :)

What`s a Milk Toof? 
Meet Ickle and Lardee: little baby teeth with big personalities and  a fondness for adventure. Featuring brand new tales and classic exploits from the Milk Toof blog, these twelve stories explore the world from Ickle and Lardee`s tiny perspectives, wether they`re taking a toothbrush bath, splashing in the pool, baking cupcakes, or enjoying the little things in life (literally). 

For further cuteness, visit them at

The new My Milk Toof Book 2 has been released May 2013. Here is the cover: 

Let me present you Shantell Martin:

Artist Shantell Martin collaborates with her surroundings, translating into glyphs, lines, recurring characters, and words the newspaper someone is reading across the way, say, or a pair of shoes walking by, a thought she had, the sky, something overheard. She leaves her passion on everything, takes a black permanent marker- and let herself go, drawing lines and figures over walls, shoes, T-shirts, flower vases, simply everything what she lays her finger on. 

Another artist, and funny as he/she replaces woman`s hair with great colorful buttons :) 

Now we reached the Grand Finals of today`s post!

Paint Test No.1 for NOWNESS

And nowadays everybody`s darling, also by Quentin Jones`s, Cara Delevigne:

Punk Stories for US Vogue


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