Franz Kawka Coffe place


My personal favourite is ulicaWięzienna- the prison´s street. You can take a walk, stroll through many cafes and restaurants, in between Galeria Italiana with great italian dishes, Marcello- the best ice cream place in Wroclaw - but before all those, right in the beginning of Więzienna street has opened a new venue exactly three weeks ago called "Franz Kawka", a word play to honor the famous german writer Franz Kafka.

I went to Franz Kawka for the first time together with my mom and boyfriend to have a small chat. Besides coffe, milk and juice, they offer also a qualitative selection of wine. All dishes are presented in a lovely way and they taste as good as they look!

What you need to try is the "Zupa kremowa z zielonego groszku" - green pea creme soup deliciously served along with parmesan and herbal croutons. First I tried a bit from my boyfriend`s plate, but as soon as I`ve tasted it, I ordered one for my own! Yes, it is a bad habit of mine to taste from someone´s plate- Usually I say "tylko nosek", which means "just the nose"- but yeah, I can assure you it is always more than that ;) 

Or are you more in a mood for a baguette stuffed with tomatoes, mozzarella, arugula, and green pesto? So classy and satisfies your hunger in a qick and pleasent way!

I am very happy when everytime wandering through Wroclaw`s streets, I find something new on my way. Sometimes I feel like Sherlock Holmes on a secret mission intentionally searching for new venues: While cafes, bars and restaurants are literally multiplying rapidly like rabbits, I would like to scream out for new clubs which are really needed here around  Rynek. Please. Just one more. Or two...

Thank you for reading, and hopefully you will take my advice and take a visit at "Franz Kawka"!
It is definetely worth it! :)

Best regards,

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